International Day of Charity

On September 5th, we observe the International Day of Charity. On this day, we aim to highlight the importance Zuhörbänkliof concrete acts of kindness and how they can improve living conditions and create opportunities.

The Fight4Sight Foundation is dedicated to supporting people near Kampala, Uganda, on their journey towards sustainable (agroforestry) farming. This project ensures the livelihoods of young individuals. Natural, fertilizer-free, and pesticide-free farming methods rejuvenate the soil and aim to rapidly increase tree cover in an area severely affected by deforestation (currently under 11% forested area).

For further information about this promising project, please visit here:

Agroforestry in Uganda

Together for better health care in the remote areas of Nepal!

We would like to inform you about the activities of our foundation in the last months. Here you can read the Fight4Sight newsletter online (in German).


Newsletter summer 2023


The Fight4Sight Foundation stands for unrestricted access to health and education; we are committed to ensuring that all people, regardless of their background and living situation, have access to these basic needs. We work consistently and vigorously to improve the living conditions of impaired and needy people in order to create prospects for a dignified and self-determined life for them.

We get involved worldwide where the need is greatest. To implement our vision, we work with a constantly growing network of project partners.


Annual review 2022

  • The foundation has its origins in the Bern Eye Clinic. Accordingly, the foundation’s board of trustees is made up of doctors and other people from the medical field.

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