Augenärzte in Afrika

Training Ophthalmologists in Africa

The number of people affected by severe visual impairment and blindness in Africa is growing, despite the fact that most of the causes are preventable (cataract, secondary damage from untreated diseases such as trachoma, diabetes, glaucoma). The reason is that there are not enough ophthalmologists who are competent, efficient and passionate about their profession.

Primary Health Care in Nepal

In Nepal, we are committed to providing access to health care in hard-to-reach mountainous regions. As subsistence farmers, people in these areas depend on as many family members as possible to work in the fields. Until now, people who fell ill or had an accident had to walk several hours or even days to reach a hospital.

Our newest project – Agroforestry in Uganda

With this groundbreaking project, Fight4Sight Foundation is committed to helping young people in Uganda learn agroforestry to protect their natural resources while providing a stable and safe pathway into the world of agriculture, especially sustainable agriculture.

Professional integration of people with migration experience

Many well-educated people with migration experience are living in Switzerland. However, most of them are unemployed. This contrasts with the increasing shortage of skilled workers, which is noticeable in almost all business sectors. The Fight4Sight Foundation is engaged in this field with its project focusing on work integration in Bern. This aims to create a win-win situation for both, people with migration experience and for employers.

More information to follow soon.

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Our Vision
We improve the living conditions of people in need and create perspectives.

Mission Statement
We work consistently and energetically to realize our vision of enabling people to live in dignity, health and self-determination. We stand for unrestricted access to health and education. To achieve this, we rely on an ever-growing network of people and institutions with similar goals.

People in the poorest and most impoverished regions of the world are especially in need of help. Where there are humanitarian crises and political tensions, there is typically a lack of financial resources. This is our focus:


Providing basic health care and general eye care, even in remote areas.


Sustainable social and economic progress.


For ecological water extraction , reforestation and human rights issues.


To create prospects for socially disadvantaged or physically/psychologically handicapped people in Switzerland.

The priorities are closely related.

It is very important to us that the priorities of our projects are coordinated with each other in order to achieve holistic improvement in the project areas.

Here are two specific examples:

  • No trees (environment) – no water. No water – no sanitation (health). No sanitation – no medical care.
  • Without education – no staff and therefore no medical care (health).


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