Category: Switzerland

  • zuhörbänkli

    bench with someone available to help, simply by being there to listen
  • Dammweg Foundation

    Biel, Switzerland | Living and working for people with disabilities | Donation for an excursion with the residents
  • Compaterra Foundation

    Guggisberg, Switzerland | Support for people with handicaps (visual impairment) | Donation for renovation of exercise hall
  • School for the Blind Zollikofen

    Zollikofen, Switzerland | Donation for new building and renovation of the school.
  • Verein Inklusiv – Chrischtehüsli

    Contact and counseling center for asylum seekers, migrants, and drug addicts.
  • Center for the Blind and Disabled Bern

    Donation for project Wohnenplus
  • Fachstelle Gewalt Bern

    Donation for violence counseling
  • Blindenschule – School for the Blind

    Zollikofen, Switzerland | Donation for new construction and renovation of the school
  • Compaterra Foundation

    Guggisberg, Switzerland | Provide support for people with handicaps | Donation for signage, flyer, homepage
  • Amnesty International

    Swiss Section | Donation Project Human Rights
  • Tante Martha

    Lebens- und Begegnungshof | Donation for the construction of the recreation room
  • Heitere Fahne / Frei_Raum

    the collective “Frei_Raum” is a movement that uses free spaces with cultural projects, always involving people with a disability. The theater work has found its main venue in the cultural venue “Heitere Fahne”.
  • Beraten B

    actively shaping everyday life and work for those with visual impairment.
  • Amnesty International

    Swiss Section | Donation for Human Rights
  • Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually and Reading Impaired

    funding to produce the audio book “The Unvarnished Life” by Maryse Condé
  • Heitere Fahne

    donation for renovation of 150-year-old hall roof
  • Nuru Foundation

    Newsletter November 2021
  • Heitere Fahne

    support contribution for special activities during the pandemic period