It is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. What if this gate slowly threatens to close – and darkness takes over? When you never see your loved one anymore, when you become unable to work – and you are dependent on outside help every day?

Especially destitute people, from the poorest regions of this world, are dependent on help. Where humanitarian crises and political tensions prevail, there is a lack of financial means to…

  • build or maintain medical infrastructure
  • train medical personnel
  • purchase urgently needed medicines

A single fate can plunge an entire family into hardship; for example when the main source of income is lost due to loss of sight.

We want to give affected people a ray of hope in the impending darkness: By offering concrete support and help, we open doors and gates to medical services – and thus keep life’s paths clear.

We do this with targeted use of funds for designated projects:

Fight4Sight Foundation
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