We improve living conditions of those in need, and create opportunities.

Every individual deserves RESPECT and DIGNITY. We act without prejudice and do not accept any form of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, personal characteristics or uniqueness. We ACT responsibly towards our fellow human beings and the wishes of our donors. We are committed to guiding people towards self-determination and independence, and we establish the necessary sustainable structures to achieve this.


With consistency and determination, we are working towards the realization of our vision to enable underprivileged individuals to lead a dignified, healthy, and self-determined life. We advocate for unrestricted access to healthcare, education, and other basic needs. To achieve this, we rely on a continuously expanding network of individuals and institutions sharing similar objectives.

To ensure sustainability, our interventions are tailored to the local economic and ecological conditions. A participatory project implementation, involving local partners and the intended population, ensures utilization and expansion of the structures, even after project completion. Building mutual TRUST among local communities, local partners, and local authorities is of utmost importance to us. The individuals benefiting from our projects can define personal goals themselves. We see ourselves as initiators, facilitators, and translators of a process that is carried forward and individually developed in the long term, by the local population.

We do this with targeted use of funds for designated projects: