Whoever wants to be supported by Fight4Sight submits an application. Projects are submitted informally, but with all relevant information and contact details of the applicants for the assessment. For the project assessment we apply a clearly defined set of criteria. The main criteria are efficiency (direct use of funds for projects), sustainability and improvement of the quality of life (e.g., water, tree planting, education of young people). Furthermore, we only support projects that match our financial means. If the project volume is too large (over SFr. 100,000), we cannot act effectively with the volume of donations available to us. We accompany and review longer-term projects on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with the Foundation’s purpose and the progress of the project. For this purpose, a structured interim report must be submitted to the Foundation Board once a year.

Criteria for applications:

  • The project complies with the purpose of the foundation..
  • The application is made in writing with a detailed project description.
  • The sustainability of the project is ensured.
  • A time-structured budget plan is available.