Our focus is on the field of ophthalmology and related issues. Fight4Sight also supports other projects in medical care and in the humanitarian field. Our commitment is not limited to Switzerland – we act worldwide where the need is greatest. We take a close look at submitted projects, and after a thorough review, the Board of Trustees decides which projects to support. A positive decision requires a complete, and earmarked use of funds in the spirit of the foundation.

Fight4Sight provides financial support to…

  • natural and legal persons,
  • associations,
  • as well as other non-profit institutions,

who use funds for the following purposes:

  • Support in the medical care of people in need as well as in the humanitarian field inside and outside Switzerland.
  • Scientific activities, especially in the field of ophthalmology, which contribute to an improved understanding of the problem.
  • Contributions to those in need of assistance because of advanced visual impairment (age-related macular degeneration AMD is the most common cause of blindness and severe vision loss in seniors) or dementia.
  • Contributions for reintegration measures for people who are socially destabilized (e.g., due to illness caused by visual impairment or vision loss).
  • Medical or cultural events and trainings that do not find sufficient support elsewhere.

The capital of the Foundation is exclusively dedicated to the purpose of the Foundation. The Foundation has no profit-making purpose and does not seek to make a profit. Should such a profit be made, it will be used for the pursuit of the Foundation’s purpose.