It is of utmost importance to us that all donated funds flow into the projects we support. We keep other expenses minimal (for instance, we abstain from fundraising campaigns and advertising). Coordination and administration are largely handled on a voluntary basis by the staff of the Bern Eye Clinic. Our patrons are kept well-informed in a clear and transparent manner about how their funds are being utilized; people who see with their hearts.

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  • Support in medical care for people in need, both within, and outside of Switzerland.
  • Scientific activities, particularly in the field of ophthalmology, contribute to an enhanced understanding of the issues.
  • Assistance to those in need due to advanced visual impairment. Age-related macular degeneration AMD and significant vision loss in seniors (or dementia) are the most common causes of blindness.
  • Contributions to rehabilitation measures for socially destabilized individuals (for instance, those affected by visual impairment or loss due to illness).
  • Medical or cultural events and education initiatives that lack sufficient alternative support.