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Project Introduction

Known for its healthy economy and multicultural society, Switzerland has long been a destination for migrants seeking refuge and opportunity. Migrantinnen/Migranten jedoch oft vor erheblichen Herausforderungen bei der Internationaler Tag der FamilieDespite the country’s prosperity, migrants often face significant challenges in integrating into the workforce due to language barriers, cultural differences, and lack of qualification recognition.

Migrants make up 33.8% of the working population in Switzerland (Federal Statistical Office, 2024), with an unemployment rate of 6.7% among migrants, compared to 2.5% among people with a migration background (Statista, 2024). Unemployment statistics only include people who are registered with a regional employment office (RAV) and who have already found a job. The number of unemployed migrants would be much higher if all people registered with the social services for asylum seekers were included. This clearly shows how much more difficult it is for migrants to enter the labor market.

The Work In Sight project aims to identify the valuable skills that people with a migration background bring to the Bern region. The goal is to help them enter the workforce and integrate into Swiss society. It also aims to promote cultural diversity and economic growth in Switzerland.

Target group

The target group of Work In Sight are migrants living in the Bern area with residence permits B or F who have not yet been able to establish themselves in the Swiss labor market. The project is also aimed at companies that are looking for qualified personnel and are willing to give individuals a chance to enter the professional world (e.g., through internships).

Planned measures

Coordination with other offers in Bern
An increasing number of initiatives aim to facilitate access to Swiss companies for people with a migration background. In addition to the JobCoach service offered by the Competence Center for Work of the Department of Education, Social Affairs and Sport, projects such as MosaiQ (HEKS), Bernetz (City of Bern), the organization Frieda, and the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) are present in the Bern area with specific offers for people with a migration background. Fight4Sight is in regular contact with these organizations and their project coordinators to coordinate and leverage synergies.

Working group
A systematic coordination between the different services (for the professional integration of people with a migration background) and potential partners in Bern, is crucial to overcome political or structural barriers when working with relevant authorities. With this in mind, Work In Sight aims to collaborate closely with relevant actors in this field in order to conduct a comprehensive assessment and network around common interests. Through dialogue, we will specifically look for gaps in the existing system and clarify the need for new approaches or solutions. Our goal is to use these insights to develop innovative solutions that address current challenges. In this sense, Work In Sight has taken on the task of coordinating the establishment of a working group. The working group will consist of about 10 people from the fields of politics, NGOs/foundations, employers and academia. The aim of the exchange is to generate constructive proposals for win-win situations to increase the success of vocational integration and to learn from the many experiences.

Vocational integration
Work In Sight works closely with local authorities who are mandated by the canton and city of Bern to integrate people with a migration background into the labor market. It provides assistance with job placement and networking, to facilitate integration into the workplace. The Work In Sight project is also involved in discussions about the development of new qualification courses for people with managing a migration background. We envisage that people who are looking for their first job in Switzerland will be referred to Work In Sight by the local authorities. Fight4Sight will make targeted contacts with entrepreneurs in the relevant sector, and remain in close contact with the candidates throughout the process. Cooperation between Work In Sight, the candidates, and their potential professional contacts in the new companies, should be understood as part of a collective network that encourages self-help. The jobseeker also proactively searches for suitable opportunities, and refers them to Work In Sight for initial contact and an interview. As a basis for the employer’s decision, an internship is also offered as a non-binding option with the employer.

After a successful placement, Fight4Sight remains in contact with the individual and the employer for the first six months, to support further professional integration, if desired by the human resources department of the respective companies. Though Work In Sight is actively involved, it does not guarantee successful outcomes. The services are free of charge for both employees and employers. The project is intended to be funded in the long term by third-party contributions from generous industry partners. We expect that successfully placed migrants will help us to support other individuals in their integration experiences, following a self-help approach. The range of language support available in Bern is extensive and covers all needs. Therefore, Work In Sight does not offer language training.


In order to assess the progress and impact of the project, systematically structured evaluation activities will be carried out. Key performance indicators such as placement and employment rates, improvement in language skills and participant satisfaction will be recorded to ensure that project objectives are being met. In addition, feedback from participants, employers and stakeholders is collected to ensure continuous improvement and adaptation of the project.


The Work In Sight project aims to create sustainable mechanisms to facilitate integration of migrants into the mainstream labor market. This includes building partnerships with employers who are committed to diversity and inclusion, and leveraging funding opportunities from various sources to expand the reach and scope of the project.


The Work In Sight project represents a proactive and holistic approach to promote integration of migrants into the Swiss labor market and society. By providing support and resources that take into account the individual needs of migrants, and by fostering collaboration among stakeholders, the project aims to promote an inclusive and just society, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and develop according to their skills and needs.

Objectives and indicators

Project Plan


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